Texto do vídeo On ou Off em inglês

It is not today that the world is changing faster and faster
We live in an age where what is new now, may become obsolete tomorrow
An age where big changes happen
Over a hundred thousand Kbps
Even when we are OFF.
Climate change is increasing
And predicting the future is almost as uncertain as you try to guess
Traffic is chaotic
And arrive first, became more important that we arrive together
There is no longer dialogue
honk became more important than talking
We are sharing individuality instead of solidarity
We live in an age where 24 hours is not enough to answer all the emails that we receive
Our social networks and our friends are now virtual
Before we lived connected to land, forest, wind, water ..
Or simply the things that make us well
Now, we are just connected to internet.
That is the evolution of humanity?
That will make us keep moving?

ON or OFF?
What should we be?
Which side should we be?
Ask permission … please …
Say: “Thank you”, “You first!” And “Sorry”
It’s OFF!
Say hello! Or sometimes saying anything
It’s ON!
Pleased to meet friends
Join the group and share experiences,
It´s OFF!
Send ready messages and enjoy stranger’s photos
It’s ON!
Play ball, skate
Meet people, venturing …
It’s OFF!
Living all the time in the office and not leave the bedroom

ON or OFF?
Which side are you?
This is one of the few answers that you will not find in google!
You need stop to thinking …
After all, it is very difficult to know what will be the future when you have no idea what is happening in the present!
It’s time to restart your way of looking at the world!
That the world may be equal, but different!
No use you want sustainability, without being sustainable!
Which side are you?
The unconscious consumption can be avoided!
What do you have excessively, many people haven’t  knowledge yet …
The waste must be fought
The economic collapse of the planet, can not be solved with the elevation of your purchases!
But perhaps with a return to its origins.
Humble, sincere, unpretentious, collaborative and self-productive.

ON or OFF?
Which side are you?
It’s past time to connect.
Plant the good to reap good!
Where plant, has life!
We have to stay with the planet and breath the same air!
We have to leave better children to have better grandchildren.
Sustainability is that: turn off yourself on right time and respect the environment
Living in the community and for the community
The best ideas in the world, are the best ideas for the world!
Remember: there are no flowers without seeds!
The world is getting starved for kindness
Intolerance is intolerance generating …
We are able to complain to each other but we are not able to answer an unkindness with a smile!
If we don’t change, the world don’t changes!

ON or OFF?
Which side are you on?
The world is changing very fast
Or we run now, or we will run ago.
Connect yourself to a new future for the planet
Never let it turn off!

* Tradução encaminhada por José Lucas Barros

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